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New Fabric

Just received a new shipment in the mail today, they have been listed and I am in the process of loading them into the google shop page.

The new arrivals have slowed down considerably not sure if there is a slow down in the deliveries or if like every other business out there it has been harder and harder to find employees which is slowing down the processing of the fabric as it arrives

Currently I am seeing that none of the preorders will be shipping before July-August after that there won't be anything till the fall collections release in time for the Christmas Holiday shopping rush.

My Etsy shop is still running so if you don't find something here on the website you like you can check over there and puruse the selection there. I have been slowly moving the listings from there as they expire or in some cases the restocks when they come back in, with Etsy continuing to keep raising the fees it just makes more sense to keep moving things over to the web site where I can keep the pricing down then keep them there where I have no choice but to charge more.

These are some of the newest additions to the web site;

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